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We Trendsmappers are big SoundCloud fans so we thought we’d look at the most tweeted SoundCloud links for 2013 around the world.

Below we’ve created Top 10 playlists for 13 of the most active countries. Forget Eurovision – this is much grander. We’ve covered all continents, except Antarctica of course.

And across the world this was undoubtedly Willie Colón’s year. Thanks to his campaigns endorsing Henrique Capriles Radonski, Willie had nearly 4 times the amount of Tweets as the next highest, which was for Snoop Lion and Miley Cyrus.

Mentira Fresca” topped the list in Venezuela and Mexico and also featured in the lists for Spain and United States.

One thing we should mention is that we were careful to filter out tweet spam, which was quite prevalent but very easy to spot. We won’t name names, but we even saw one major record label involved in this.

So, with apologies to Jules Verne, just sit back and go around the world in 130 plays!









Unfortunately there was a restriction on embedding this playlist, so you can view it here

Saudi Arabia


United Kingdom

United States


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