Historical Trends now available in Trendsmap Plus

We are pleased to announce that you can now access historical trends, including associated images, videos, URLs, and tweets from the last 7 days in Trendsmap Plus. Using the new control in the top left of the map, you can simply slide to any hour from the last 7 days, and the page wil

Filtering by #tags, @users & words in Trendsmap Plus

We’ve just released a small, but very notable update to Trendsmap Plus that now allows you to select specific types of trending words on the map.  Now you can just see the Trending hashtags, and users, or just the words etc.  There is a new control in the top right of the map th

Trendsmap Plus & Twitter Login Changes

We have been busy with a number of changes to Trendsmap.com, as well as planning into the future. For those that want the short version of the changes: Addition of Trendsmap Plus, subscription version of Trendsmap with much, much more information. You need to now sign in via Twitter t

Country Pages – 100+ added

Since we introduced our first country based ‘local’ pages, we have had numerous requests for other countries to be added.  Recently however we added many, many more specific country pages.  New countries added are from across the globe; Europe, Asia, Americas and beyond. W

Do more in Trendsmap

As many of you will have noticed over recent weeks, you can now sign in to Trendsmap via Twitter: ‘Why would I do that?’, you may ask. Here are a few new things you can do on Trendsmap if you sign in: Find something interesting? Now you can quickly and easily retweet it. E

Trendsmap Widgets

Now you can have the Trendsmap experience on your public-facing website or blog, allowing you and your visitors to see at a glance the trends in your area of interest. You can now sign up from our products page.  A test embeding of a widget for London, UK can be found here.   More emb


Change is afoot! For those who have noticed (and those who haven’t), we are making some changes to the Trendsmap site at the moment. There are more features, better interface and more in the pipeline!  There has already been some minor layout changes and some new information on

A Richer Trendsmap experience

Since Trendsmap launched in 2009 we’ve gone from processing about four million tweets a day to dealing with more than 80 million tweets a day.  With this dramatic rise in the number of tweets, the extraction of videos, images and links has struggled to keep pace, that is until n

More Languages, More Locations, Better Coverage and More Data

It’s been a while between updates but we have have spent that time teaching Trendsmap five more languages and launched more than 240 new location pages. New languages Trendsmap can now natively process Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Italian, and Swedish tweets in addition to the exis

Amazing Twitter Visualisations of Sydney and Amsterdam

More Geo-tweet powered heat maps of cities around the world!