Ukraine a bigger global topic than the Oscars

Ellen and the Oscars may have broken Twitter, but it looks like in most locations in the last 24 hours there were more tweets about the Ukraine. These images illustrate geo-locatable mentions for Oscars, Ukraine, Venezuela and Syria. They cover the 24 hour period from 2 hours before t

#Brits2014 global invasion

The 2014 Brit Awards have just wrapped up, and it looks like the One Direction chaps and their chums  have helped make it a global event on Twitter. We set up an Analytics to pick up all tweets that contained the official hashtag (#Brits2014), and 24 hours before the event started we

iTrended featured as Twitter technology partner

We are very proud to announce that (a Trendsmap product) has been featured as a Technology partner by the Twitter Media team. Hats off also to Stackla, but despite various reports in the Australian press, Stackla is not the first and only Australian partner! 

Doctor Who 50th anniversary – #savetheday

On 23rd November 2013 it will be the 50th anniversary celebration of Doctor Who.A special feature-length episode will be broadcast simultaneously (including in some 3D cinemas) in 76 countries. It’s a pretty big deal. Whovians are already getting excited as you can see at our custom D

Trendsmap Plus & Twitter Login Changes

We have been busy with a number of changes to, as well as planning into the future. For those that want the short version of the changes: Addition of Trendsmap Plus, subscription version of Trendsmap with much, much more information. You need to now sign in via Twitter t

Trendsmap Widgets

Now you can have the Trendsmap experience on your public-facing website or blog, allowing you and your visitors to see at a glance the trends in your area of interest. You can now sign up from our products page.  A test embeding of a widget for London, UK can be found here.   More emb


Change is afoot! For those who have noticed (and those who haven’t), we are making some changes to the Trendsmap site at the moment. There are more features, better interface and more in the pipeline!  There has already been some minor layout changes and some new information on

More Languages, More Locations, Better Coverage and More Data

It’s been a while between updates but we have have spent that time teaching Trendsmap five more languages and launched more than 240 new location pages. New languages Trendsmap can now natively process Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Italian, and Swedish tweets in addition to the exis

April Fools 2011: Trending Links and Videos on Trendsmap

If you happened to crawl out from under a rock on April 1st 2011… …no one would blame you for thinking that Google’s Gmail can be controlled by movement, Youtube is 100 years old, or that IKEA have made a high chair for dogs. As Trendsmap shows us the interwebs were

Trends that Matter – Follow Local Twitter Trends

Over that past few months we have been creating Trendsmap Twitter alerts via localised Twitter accounts. The reason we’ve done this is that we realised early on that the trends that matter the most are those that actually mean something to you. So with this in mind we decided th