2013 Most Tweeted SoundCloud Links (13 Countries)

We Trendsmappers are big SoundCloud fans so we thought we'd look at the most tweeted SoundCloud links for 2013 around the world.

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As many of you will have noticed over recent weeks, you can now sign in to Trendsmap via Twitter: ‘Why would I do that?’, you may ask. Here are a few new things you can do on Trendsmap if you sign in: Find something interesting? Now you can quickly and easily retweet it. E

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Now you can have the Trendsmap experience on your public-facing website or blog, allowing you and your visitors to see at a glance the trends in your area of interest. You can now sign up from our products page.  A test embeding of a widget for London, UK can be found here.   More emb

More Languages, More Locations, Better Coverage and More Data

It’s been a while between updates but we have have spent that time teaching Trendsmap five more languages and launched more than 240 new location pages. New languages Trendsmap can now natively process Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Italian, and Swedish tweets in addition to the exis

Trends that Matter – Follow Local Twitter Trends

Over that past few months we have been creating Trendsmap Twitter alerts via localised Twitter accounts. The reason we’ve done this is that we realised early on that the trends that matter the most are those that actually mean something to you. So with this in mind we decided th